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WTB: Classic steel Track frame ~ 56-57


I've been looking for a while for a pista frame.
It would be my first one ever.

I'd like to ride it daily so I'm not too fussy. It can be rugged, can even have dents if they don't affect structurally.

One important thing: I'd like an at least square geometry. Preferably, a shorter top tube as I have a herniated disc.


TT - 54 to 57 cc
ST - 56 to 59 cc

I'm interested in classic, lugged frames, from the '80s up.

So, please sell me that frame you're not using :)

January 5, 2017 10:50 PM
January 6, 2017 03:07 AM
From: Holland
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January 10, 2017 01:14 AM
what's your budget?
January 10, 2017 09:14 AM
Thanks, I should have mentioned from the start.
400 - 500 €

January 11, 2017 12:22 AM
January 14, 2017 02:07 AM
This one just came in
1980's Zeus pista

Needs work
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January 15, 2017 07:24 AM
From: Holland
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I've got this frame, 56 or 57 square I guess.
350€, I can ship in Europe.
January 15, 2017 07:28 AM
From: Angers, FRANCE
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@ Kobe - I almost got the Zeus but it proved to be too much of a hassle. Also, it's from the '70s and you know that.

@ Kang - I'm not that much into red paint. And I wouldn't want to mess with it. Still, it's a very nice frame.

Thanks guys, I'll keep looking for the one.
January 15, 2017 03:32 PM
ok no worries
i replied cause i wanted someting cheap and i can let get go for 325 euro

anyway the reynolds sms tubing came out in the 80's and that is why i thought this Zeus must be from the 80's

January 16, 2017 11:48 AM
From: Holland
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Hmm, you're right about the tubing being '80s. I guess it's so early '80s that it looks looks '70s. The geometry also seems more oldschool
January 16, 2017 02:08 PM
January 20, 2017 11:16 PM