April 22, 2021

First off, I'm sorry it's been so long without updates or an admin presence. It's been a busy few years, but more than that, I've been bummed out by how over-run the site has become with spammers. To the point where I just got angry and sad and had to do something else when I tried to work on the site.

But no more! Fuck those lowlife spammers, I can smash them down with technology.

I build websites for my job every day, and I've learned a lot since starting Pedal Room in 2009. I've also seen a lot of shitty websites, and I want to make Pedal Room into something really nice. Something I'm proud to show to family, friends, potential employers. Something I'm proud of myself.

For the last week or so I've been working hard on spam-prevention and deletion tools. They'll be rolling out over the coming weeks.

I'll also be releasing some improvements to the home page and bikes pages soon, making them responsive amongst other things (like this page, which works far better on mobile devices than the other pages on the site.)

There's really lots to do, but for the first time in years it's starting to feel manageable to me, and that's really good. I'm feeling better having not neglected the site, even if that's just for the last week. But I plan to keep building and making things better.