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1960 Carlton Track Bike

I bought this bike in 1979 - did a 24-01 10mile time trial which remains my pb in 1981. It was originally chrome but i couldn't afford to have it re-chromed so went with an original paint combo. Restored after 30 years I rode a '10' on her this year - 26-57. I'm not getting any younger but it was great to be back on the old bike and spank a few younger lads on their carbon TT bikes!

Steel - Carlton 531

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
FSA Gimondi

Campag Record 1978


Brookes Swift titanium


Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Campag Record

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Campag Record

More Info:
The b/w pics are of me aged 15 doing the Darford 25 mile TT and a 10 mile TT both from 1979. I'd cycled out from Battersea to Dartford on 64 ich fixed. Then I'd switch the wheel over for my racing gear which then was only 76 inch (48 x 17). I did 1-10-32in the 25 and 26 -13 in the 10. Then I'd switch it back for the ride home. It peed down that day for least half of the race and all the way home. I eventually got down to 1-1-12 for the '25' miler on 86inch (48x15) in 1984 on a Condor Track bike that got stolen - but i never broke the hour. The other pic here was taken in August 2011 at the Gravesend 10 when the Carlton was finally restored after sitting in a rusted heap in my garage for 30 years. The lad in blue is my son Ewan (17) who rode it on 20/08/11with a 27.30. Apart from the frame the only other surviving parts are the pedals and the steel brake lever I salvaged of a kiddies bike. I've still got the SR 48 tooth crankset but liked the FSA Gimondi as its retro and works with the frame. I hope you like it. Its still being enjoyed and still being raced.

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Gobsmackingly brilliant! Super bike, super owners and super story! Thanks for sharing.

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love the story along with it

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This is amazing

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Keep on spank'n ! It keeps me young.

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simply beautiful man!!!

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