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1967 Raleigh Superbe 3 Speed

Picked this up in early summer 16. It was covered in 50 years of rust, dust and gunk. I re-laced the front wheel with stainless spokes. I haven't reinstalled the chain guard yet. I replaced the original dried out B72 with a B67. Spring 2021: Received overhaul with grade 25 bearings. Got a little tool bag for the saddle. Installed NOS front and rear brake cables. I pounded out some the damage to the chain guard and popped it on. Looks more complete to me. Re-pop grips in white.

Raleigh 23" equivalent to a modern 58cm.

Raleigh keyed fork. I'm missing the key.

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:



Sturmey Archer with new indicator chain.


Raleigh. Brooks saddle B67 single rail. I opted to use BMX single rail guts instead of a newer style post.

Raleigh w/ Fibrax pads. I installed 3 dura-ace cable clips to keep the rear cable organized.

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
67 Dyno Hub (it works). Raleigh Pattern 36h rim, stainless spokes, Michelin World Tour. Original Dunlop Air-seal inner tube. The original inner tube never looses pressure unlike new tubes.

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
67 Sturmey Archer AW 3 speed. Raleigh Pattern 40h rim, Michelin world Tour.

More Info:
This year model came with Dunlop skinwalls. I like the look of black walls so I'm using them for now. The front light still needs some attention but the dyno hub works. The original chain guard is pretty beat up so don't know if I'll get a replacement or not. Surprisingly fast in 3rd gear. I keep forgetting to bring the air pump before taking pics....

Bike History

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  1. Initial
  2. Stage 2

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Caltex says:

Thanks Simplicated, the old Raleigh has been fun to work on. I see you have an eclectic collection of bikes yourself. Very nice indeed.

Posted almost 8 years ago