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1970 Gitane Profesional Super Coursa

2nd owner since 1971. Bike friends made me fork out $125 found in classifieds. ditched the purple Schwinn. Cleaned and repacked the headset (French) 1st time since 1995 (1st overhaul then). It did allot of time hanging from the wall all original but seat; 60 mm handle bar stem, cables.brake lever rubbers.

22.5" from top of seat tube to center of crank. Somewhat faded blue. Below seat is a braised on mounting for rear brakes unlike the "side pulls" supplied with this bike.

Original Campagnolo. Bearing covers stamped FRANCE inside...There were decals at top of fork. .Outside of head tube painted....bottom 1.2 forks chrome. The fork drop outs are stamped Brev Campagnolo on rear; eye holes...Front drop outs market Huret.Lt. Ft. marked also with an "X" to the rt. of Huret. (See photo details).

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Campagnolo Nuovo Record 52/42 tooth.

Original Campagnolo with original clips and straps Clips supplied were Christope and straps were/are black cowhide.

Atom Freewheel. 14-17-21-23-26 tooth sprockets Chain is a SEDIS. Can't remember if this was a replacement in 1994 or the original. Works just fine.

Nuovo Record dtd. '70. Front derailleur Nuovo Record original. Have some S. Record pulley (grey) wheels that are replacements.

Cinelli, SR (I believe I may have removed the original stem when I took off original seat). I received this bike with colored plastic handlebar wrap.

Stephas (w/ cushy but and cut out); Original Campagnolo post. Had original leather seat when I got the bike in 1971.

Original Campagnolo. Removed original pads that still look good but hard....using Walmart's finest....'a great value'

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
MAVIC clinchers (replaced original rims 1994). Original Campagnolo hubs...any tires that hold air @100+psi.

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
MAVIC (replaced original rims 1995). Original Campagnolo hubs...any tires that hold air @100+psi.

JANDD Engineering (Santa Barbara) under seat pouch and ft./rear Cyborg LED lights.

More Info:
I have loved riding my only bike of 48 yrs. same as it was then...my legs, no. My contemporaries back then were just as freaky about their bikes as peeps are now...glad they twisted my arm to find $125 bucks back then and drive me to get this bike for sale in the classifieds.

Bike History

Click a link below to see past stages of this bike.

  1. Initial
  2. Took off headset today see photo
  3. Re-tune derailluers and clean up.
  4. Cleaned greased r. shaft cone bearings

Current Stage Info:

and tightened /adj. cones. gave the freewheel bearings some lube and became aware, now that I am aware that this Gitane SC could have come with any variety of parts!, that I have a French Aton freewheel. Interesting enough, that freewheel does have the original gearing spec. for the TdF and the SC/ USA bikes. I'm reading that at the time of build for these bikes, Gitane threw on what parts where available at that moment...that were up to spec.

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1970_Gitane says:

Keeps getting more interesting. Without a super macro pic, I would not have known chain is a SEDIS from way back. 'Lube' it with clean dry wax.

Posted 5 months ago