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1973 Raleigh International

This was a bit of a garage sale find. picked it up mostly complete, but with the original parts pretty well used up. knocked off the rust and parted it out. I later bought it back a year later as the only bike I really regretted selling. During the interim when it was out of my posession, the fork was reraked for low-trail and a little baby rack was made up for it. I broke the tombstone off the rack, but it still functions. I've played around with different builds, trying flat bars and albatross bars, but ended up liking the wide drops, and I'm a sucker for SRAM road stuff, after trying the big 3. fits the 32 slicks easily, and clears 32 cross tires well. I'd like to improve the braking situation, thinking I'll throw some salmons on to see if that brings some bite back to the brakes (I've gotten spoiled riding nearly mountain exclusively the past few years, and the current crop of hydros is so good)

1973 Raleigh International

Low trail stock fork, stronglight needle bearing thing

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Ritchey logic X Sugino cranks, some narrow Shimano UN54

VX trail pedals, sometimes Shimano A530s

Sram 10 of 11sp with a spacer, sugino chainrings, Cheapest SRAM 11 chain (Probably going to switch out the chainrings, these are unramped/unpinned and are pretty slow to move between rings)

sram rival everything

Nitto RM-013, Salsa Stem

Selle Anatomica X, Kalloy something or other

Weinmann 750s (?)

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
SP PV8, A23, Roubaix pro 32/30

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Coda DT thing, A23, Roubaix pro 32/30

Edelux II/Secula with awful wiring, Wald 198 basket

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