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1974 Nishiki Professional

1973 or 1974 Nishiki Professional. Purchased from a man who bought it used in 1975 and barely used it. It's light, and pretty quick! I replaced a bunch of stuff, most notably, the drivetrain; it shifts much more smoothly and accurately with the late-model Cyclone derailleurs, shifters, new chain, and freewheel. I was going to go the index route, but it shifts beautifully as it is so I think I'll just leave it alone. The only thing left I wish to do is go over to SPD pedals.

Nishiki Professional

Silk fork/Nishiki headset

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Sugino Mighty Competition

NOS 13-22 Suntour Winner Pro/8-speed KMC

Suntour Cyclone 7000 RD/ Cyclone MII FD/Suntour Superbe

Nitto 105 Universiade with Nishiki and Silk etching/ Nitto Pearl 90mm

Brooks Professional

Early Shimano Dura-Ace calipers, Shimano 105 levers

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Weinmann/Sansin/Continental Gatorskin 28c

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sloman says:

Absolutely one of the best of Japan. Bianchi must have thought so too as many were relabeled. Kudos for resisting the indexing. There is a place for them but not on a classic like this. Downtube shifters are part of the ride on these golden oldies. Enjoy

Posted over 10 years ago


brianmarkmcdermott says:

Thanks! I've had quite a few bikes over the past few years, and this one is possibly the best I've owned (aside from a Bridgestone RB-T that I had for awhile, but that's a whole different beast.) I also have a 1983 Trek 520 but it's been at a shop for the past few months getting some upgrades done, so this has become my go-to bike…and I like it that way!

The guy I got it from had replaced the the original tubular wheels with clinchers, and the center-pull brakes with the Dura Ace ones, so I haven't felt too bad about swapping so much out, since it wasn't in original condition when I got it. I like to think that the upgrades I did are what a previous owner would have done over time, anyway…ha.

Posted over 10 years ago


sloman says:

That's about right. It's funnr what you get with old bikes. My Romani had dry rotted old tubulars glued on Mavic GPs when I got it I ordered new one($$$ouch)and went to put them on. The old tires were glued to skinny clincher rims! Weird. But it all worked out and even with clinchers she's my favorite.

Posted over 10 years ago


Nimhskater978 says:

Very nice ride I am a vintage bike collector and this is a sought after model some of Japans best.

Posted almost 11 years ago