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1985 Colnago Super Mystery Bike

Interesting bike. Always looking for information about the frameset, as this is a bit of a Frankenbike (by Colnago standards). Picked this up with full Shimano 600. The seller said it had been originally built by a local shop with this groupset as a sort of high-end commuter. As far as I know, this was the original build and it was done from the frame up. From what I've learned, Colnago would sell these toned-down Super framesets to amateur teams and shops who wanted fewer decals and less of the usual Colnago flash. The pantographing and details match the 1985 Super, and I've chatted with a few other owners about similar bikes and things start to line up. Still, bit of an odd duck. Ducks are great though, especially odd ones. I've since cleaned this bad-bear up and added some modern touches like the saddle, brake levers, pedals, and the compact drops. Please reach out if you know more about this bike!

1985 Colnago Super (?). Columbus.

Chromed Colnago fork. Columbus. Shimano 600 with the cool lockring.

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Shimano 600.

MKS Sylvan Lite. MKS steel toe clips. Brooks leather straps.

Shimano 600.

Shimano 600.

Soma Highway 1 compact drops. Cinelli 1A quill stem.

Brooks Cambium C17 Carved. Vintage fluted seatpost (never checked the branding).

TRP RRL SL brake levers. Shimano 600 calipers.

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Wobler Gentleman GTA 700C. Shimano 600. Panaracer Pasela 25C.

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Wobler Gentleman GTA 700C. Shimano 600. Panaracer Pasela 25C.

Mash SF Constellation bar tape. Unbranded alloy bottle cage (sorry). Pink cable crimps (for the wattage).

More Info:
Identifying Details (I'll add more photos of the identifying marks when I'm back in the country). 1 set of bottle cage bosses. Colnago cutout in bottom bracket shell. Proper Colnago pantographing on chromed chainstays and on the seatstays. Colnago decals on headtube, downtube, and seatpost. Campagnolo dropouts.

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HPL says:

You definitely need to show details of the lug conjunctions, fork crown, and BB cut-out. Are the front dropouts Colnago? What is the seatpost diameter (27.2mm)? If the Shimano 600 components are original to the first build then you should be able to verify the year by the date codes on them. I have couple of '80s Colnagos (Mexico, Super, Super Piu) that may help in better identifying the frame. Colnago sold framesets to dealers who could sell with or without components so every shop would be able to put together a less expensive bike if a buyer did not want the higher end components. My '81(?) Super was bought new as a frameset only and built-up by the original owner and not a shop. The parts are mix of Shimano and Campagnolo from various groupsets.

Posted almost 3 years ago