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1985 Trek 420

New project, serial number suggests its a '85 trek 420.


More Info:
Update: Built it up with most of the original parts, besides the brakes. Its a gift for my father to get him out riding.

Added by jackjohnson. Last updated almost 9 years ago.

As of almost 9 years ago, jackjohnson has indicated that they no longer own this bike.



Rushing says:

Would like to see this pink beauty with some modern group.

Posted over 9 years ago


osiris419 says:

Vintage roadie build for sure.

Posted over 9 years ago


Nimhskater978 says:

go roadie a this is the proper start to a great build. Keep it vintage with a Suntour Cyclone or Superbe group, some Mavic wheels and a Cinelli or Nitto cockpit setup

Posted over 9 years ago


iscratchmymind says:

Build it up as a roadie. There are plenty of road frames that get converted. This could be a real sweetheart with a classy road build, like Shimano Golden Arrow or something. Maybe some Mavic GP-4s. Yep.

Posted over 9 years ago