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1990 cannondale SR600 criterium

i bought this bike three years ago from the original owner. he never rode it but it looked awesome hanging in the back of his garage over the BMW. i have since ruined this mint condition time capsule bike by commuting daily on horrendous roads which destroyed the original wheels and by swapping parts because i have ADHD and i get bored easily. i love it more than any other physical possession.

60cm 3.0 crit

More Info:
the bike is originally 105SC equipped but i swapped some things.

Added by deckard. Last updated over 13 years ago.



SlickMoJo says:

Great Pics! I am the original owner of this exact same bike and color, a '91 58mm, except with Scott DH Tri bars. It has just started to need work, BB replaced last week and the right shifter stripped off in my hand, it pulled the threads out so nothing to screw it back on with. I am looking for a replacement shifters if anyone knows where to get them for this fat downtube bike.

Posted almost 10 years ago


nagillum says:

i always loved the oversized tubing cannondale bikes had...

is that a dent near the crank? pretty far out

Posted over 11 years ago


dangerruss says:

Double chainstay dimples.

Posted almost 10 years ago


nagillum says:

Are you running a 1x9 in the rear? Are you able to go thru all gears without chain fall?

Posted almost 10 years ago


Nimhskater978 says:

sweet looking frame a black or white seat would look amazing

Posted over 13 years ago


deckard says:

thanks. i liked the suede vetta but its now on a different bike. the bike is currently in pieces but will be getting different bars, cranks, seatpost, saddle, and wheels when i put it back together.

Posted over 13 years ago