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90's Specialized Crossroads Rebuild

Mid-90s Specialized Crossroads. I stripped the bike down to the frame/fork/BB and built it back up with better parts from roughly the same 1990's era. Many of the parts came from Bridgestones (an XO-2 and MB-5). Super comfy bike. The 22" frame Crossroads has a very long top tube compared to the seat tube which is very difficult to find. Great frame for those with long torsos. I measured the seat tube at 56cm (c-c) and the effective top tube at 59cm (c-c). Great for touring. Almost every other bike I've owned in this category has felt too cramped, to the point where my toes interfere with the front tire when turned. I hate that.

22 inch double butted TIG welded chromoly steel. Not sure if all tubes are butted; could just be the main frame.

1" chromoly fork and threaded headset; The chromed steel headset came from a '93 Bridgestone MB-5

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Shimano 500LX triple crank; Original unsealed BB

VP-747 rat trap platform pedals. The "scar makers"!

Shimano 3x7

Shimano 400LX and Deore DX thumbies inverted left/right and mounted below the handlebar. This only works like this in friction mode, but it keeps the upper bar free of pesky little thumbie protrusions.

90 degree Nitto Dynamic II stem and alloy cruiser bar with alloy bar ends mounted between stem and brake levers. Very similar feel to a VO Crazy Bar, but with more adjustability and less weight. It also has Clark's ergo grips, too. These are really long grips, btw.

Brooks B17 Standard

Avid Speed Dial 2-finger levers; Tektro CR720 cantis

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Araya black alloy 700c rim; Exage hub; Panaracer Comet Hardpack 700x38 folding tire

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Araya black alloy 700c rim; Exage hub; Panaracer Comet Hardpack 700x38 folding tire

Alloy bar ends used as aero extensions; Not in all photos: Rothco canvas travel bag ($18 on Amazon). I modified the bag slightly, added cardboard stiffeners and secured it with 2 small carabiners. It works OK and the canvas is a little thin. We'll see how long it lasts. Sure beats paying over $100 for some other bags out there!

Bike History

Click a link below to see past stages of this bike.

  1. Initial
  2. Stage 2

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robinvanmullem says:

Those bars are really nice! Do you mind if I steal that idea on my build?

Posted 3 months ago


analogkid71 says:

Go for it! I like to see cyclists sharing ideas and being creative. Share some photos when you're all done.

Posted 3 months ago


analogkid71 says:

I don't know what brand the handlebars are but they are alloy bars off of an old cruiser-style bike. There are handlebars just like them on eBay for really cheap.

Posted 3 months ago


doc says:


Posted about 1 year ago


analogkid71 says:

Thanks. It is super comfortable, too!

Posted about 1 year ago


Shekly says:

Did your black rims without machined sidewall drillings on it looks fine after usin with this brakes?

Posted over 2 years ago


analogkid71 says:

Ehh. Braking performance is OK but I've noticed a LOT of squeaking, no matter how I adjust the brake pads. I don't need a bell in traffic...I just ride the rear brakes and everybody turns to look at me! I'm likely to get some Tektro CR720's and see how they work.

Posted over 2 years ago


pearleen says:

nice 90es sloping frame

Posted over 2 years ago


Nathap470 says:


Posted over 2 years ago


ghostridethewhip says:


Posted over 2 years ago