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3Rensho (Stolen and Recovered)

MY 3RENSHO IS BACK!!! Reunited after being gone for almost 4 years. ===== If you know me well you know I have been waiting for this day for almost 4 years. My dream bike was stolen in Portland on my birthday in 2009, and today it came back. I got an email late last night with a phone number saying "please call me" with a subject that said "3Rensho". So I called him this morning. Talked to him to confirm all the parts. It is my bike 100% complete from the day it was stolen. He did not steal it. He got it but he isn't a bike dude so decided to do some research on the bike to see if he could sell it. He saw it on my flickr and saw an old post about it being stolen. So he made a Flickr account to contact me about returning it. I am beyond happy and thankful if fell into the hands of a decent human being. Gonna try and drive down to Portland this weekend and get it from my friend Patrick who runs Pedal Consumption. He was nice enough to pick it up from the nice guy this afternoon. My mind is totally blown. Can't believe I'm getting it back complete almost 4 years later, let alone in perfect condition. =======Recovered Feb 14th 2013. ====================================== Only has this bike a couple months before it was stolen. It was stolen in Portland in August of 2009 on my birthday at a Pedal Consumption event/race. ======================================== http://www.flickr.com/photos/laali/ http://jesusaintsavingshit.tumblr.com

3Rensho NJS Track 56.5 Late 80's/Early 90's

3Rensho, Campagnolo Record NJS

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Sugino 75 165mm, Hatta Swan NJS BB

MKS Sylvan w/ Cadence Double Straps

49x17, EAI Cog, Sugino 75 Ring, Izumi Chain

Syntace Stratos Medium 400, DuraAce 90mm Stem

San Marco Rolls, Thomson Elite

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Spin Wheel, White Gran Compe SS

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Chub Hub, H+Son, Vittoria Randonneur

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a-cung says:


Posted about 7 years ago


abandonhumanity says:

Just read the story

let's just say this is the parable of the prodigal bike

a miracle of a thousand tears..and a few chain links

Posted over 9 years ago


moose says:

so psyched for you getting your bicycle back, that's insane, what a lucky chain of events!

Posted almost 10 years ago


strange says:

beautiful bike. very sweet!

Posted about 10 years ago


leiichip says:

WOW, THIS IS LITERALLY A MIRACLE. lol happy for you dude. sick bike btw.

Posted over 10 years ago


Killerseagull says:

I remember this being stolen. I don't know you but I'm an avid craigslister and saw a post about this on portland a Craigslist. Glad to hear the crazy good news

Posted over 10 years ago


zelaznoGxelA says:

Trade for a purefix

Posted about 11 years ago


IndraRipper says:

Sincerely hope this was a joke...

Posted about 11 years ago


cjdavid says:

I don't get the whole story... If he didn't steal it I'm guessing he bought it from the person who stole it?

Posted about 11 years ago


Laali says:

He didn't steal it and the person he got it from didn't steal it. He contacted me about returning it. It's not like I tracked him down. The dude just wanted to do the right thing and get it back to me. I ain't trying to get even. I got my bike back complete in almost perfect condition. "Only a fool trips on what is behind him..."

Posted about 11 years ago


danvdls says:

Wow. 4 years? That's like a one in a million chances. Congratulations. You're really lucky!

Posted about 11 years ago


dcondankz68 says:

damn, god save your bike!

Posted about 11 years ago


BimoRahmantyo says:

jesus saving

Posted about 11 years ago


Kamalu says:

To get even more weird, I was on tumblr just now (2/20/2013) and seen a picture of a purple rensho and thought, "that looks like that stolen one from PDX that I read about a few days ago?" So I came here and seen the story. I'm mind blown right now because IT WAS YOUR BILE ON TUMBLR AND U GOT IT BACK!!! Crazy dude. Stoaked for u man. Hit me up if your ever in EUG.

Posted about 11 years ago


Ewwyou says:

Congrats again Jake.

Posted about 11 years ago


MincedFeet says:

Slamazing story :']

Posted about 11 years ago


PandaBear says:

I am so happy for you man! It was meant to be ;)

Posted over 11 years ago


JSTEWART304 says:

Congrats man, it was meant to be in your arms.

Posted over 11 years ago


SillyGooseCookie says:

Holy crap it is exactly the same!! It looks like it was never actually ridden!

Posted over 11 years ago


sergsucks says:

i'm glad you got it back but why would someone just take it to "do some research"? Couldn't he just have asked you? I still call it stealing. Especially keeping it 4 years?

Posted over 11 years ago


brembilla says:

He didn't take it to do research lol. He found it I'm guessing, and was doing research on to who the owner of the bike was. Not doing research on the actual bike.

Posted over 11 years ago


SillyGooseCookie says:

No, someone stole it, then this guy ended up with it, did some research, found it belonged to Laali, and then gave it back to him. (I think that's it)

Posted over 11 years ago


sergsucks says:

oh okay, that makes tons more sense

Posted over 11 years ago


Laali says:

The guy I got it back from didn't steal it.
He got it from a guy a couple months ago.
He wasn't a bike dude so he googled it to see how much he could sell it for.
Then saw my bike, which was the bike in his possession at the time and wanted to give it back.
So he went out of his way to track me down and return it.

Posted over 11 years ago

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