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'89 Bottecchia

looking into more about this bike since I got run over on it.

'89 Bottecchia made from Columbus tubing

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tinydoktor says:

Bottechias tend to get "knocked" a lot, but I wouldn't hold that against the bike if you enjoy riding it. They were getting a lot of press around that time (Lemond).

Cromor wasn't at the top end of Columbus' offerings, but it's respectable (I had a Cromor frame I loved).

No frame damage from getting run over?

Anyway, I did a Bottecchia Cromor google search and found a # of hits, maybe you'll find the info you're looking for via that method.

Posted over 13 years ago


Ian_Barry says:

I did, I was wondering if anyone could identify the paint scheme/mixed group of parts. I am somewhat curious which campy piece were on there. I think they might be Athena.

Regardless, thank you.

Posted almost 13 years ago