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Andres Bertin 1976 three speed concept

A wonderful ride so tall that one truly sails on her. For my winter commutes on a quaint dirt path to the celery factory.

1976 handmade Andre Bertin sixty nine seat tube fifty eight top tube

tange levin headset

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
IRD Track 45 tooth 170 length

aluminum flat body

three speed

Nexus grip shift

non brand sturgeon bend; Atax quill 65 mm

brooks B17 on Uno post


Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Shimano hub Alex rim DH19 36 spoke

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Shimano nexus three speed in Alex DH19 as front

Brooks saddle bag, bell, coaster-brake-brace

More Info:
Bell is essential for my town's lovers on the trail, the brace keeps the triangle straight. There is a species of elderly woman in my town who takes offense at bell, and so they purposely block path until make me stop, and if I get angry then the town will put glass and thorns in path. I'd begun to gain popularity upon the trail until I never changed my attire, then immediately lost popularity and am called vulgar names. When it rains the cars drive in gutter and throw water on me. The pictures with vanishing point on path are next to golf course where the golfers aim at me as I pass by. Every day the town grows more vexed with my appearances at inopportune moments. I was blamed for the covid 19 plague; on top of being the cause for windfalls in housing markets and general shopping. It is said that my appearance in mirrors of drivers causes fatal negative karma. Upon this bike I am the subject of a legend of which has caused a certain sect of individuals to hold me in deep reverence though the rest of the population have only spite for me. The subject of the legend is time travel itself, for it is believed and further, asseverated most furiously if the fact is held in doubt, that I have occupied three different spots in space in the same moment in time. There being no way to prove the point of this topic though, I have to just continue my regular life routine, though I am often times put beside myself with humility when one of the above mentioned persons crosses my path and falls upon his knees in worship as if I were a divinity. Upon being questioned whether one should wear the covid 19 face mask I have been heard to answer "it would be better to wear ear plugs you godless cowards"

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MCHammer666 says:

Nice bike, check out my Florida Man

Posted 10 months ago


GhostRidingTheWhip says:

You using way too many napkins

Posted almost 5 years ago


AL2 says:


Posted almost 6 years ago


GhostRidingTheWhip says:


Posted almost 5 years ago


evisu says:

Jesus! How tall are you?

Posted about 6 years ago


NicolasCalifornia says:

Not that tall but I wanted a bike too tall, I was scared at first to stop and had to circle at every red light then I seemed to hit them all and soon lines of children were in front of me laughing because I couldn't put my foot down.

Posted about 6 years ago


Stracknasty says:

This is the best reply I've ever read. Thank you.

Posted almost 6 years ago