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Bianchi ratrod

stuff it

mid-70s Bianchi frameset

Bianchi / Generic brand

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Generic brand / Shimano

Shimano M520

Shimano XT 11-32 / Raceface 44t Narrow Wide / Deore 10spd

SRAM GX type 2 short-cage / SRAM Apex

Some no-name 44cm bars / Uno 100mm

Specialized Toupe Sport / Generic brand

S500+Apex / Alhonga long reach calipers

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Weinnman DP16 / Formula looseball / 40c Schwalbe Land Cruiser

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Alexrim / Claris / 40c Schwalbe Land Cruiser


Bike History

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  1. Initial
  2. vroom
  3. monstercross

Added by DarkShot. Last updated about 6 years ago.

As of about 6 years ago, DarkShot has indicated that they no longer own this bike.



spedrunr says:

them are some huge tires, I couldn't fit those on my CDi

Posted about 5 years ago


FABEL says:

need to put some milage on all those new components - too fresh & not broken in to be considered a rat rod. old rats always tried extracting as much speed as possible from what's already there/available & tend to have one-off 'fix-its' fabricated which is also absent from your build. ditching the fenders is one of the very first things rat rods did to save weight while being more aerodynamic, you should do the same; especially since they're not fitted too well in the 1st place & slam the stem while you're at it.

I probably sound like a grouch, which I don't mean to be, but your description of "Bianchi Rat Rod" just isn't apparent here. just ride the hell outta it & hopefully it'll develop into a rat if that's your goal over time. collecting some rare/unique/signature pieces between now & then would make this baby roll w/ character one day

Posted over 7 years ago


DarkShot says:

Eh, in namesake only because it's a mishmash of old and new parts. Only part ratty about it is the frame itself, it's all worn, chipped, rusted and dented from years of abuse which isn't apparent from the pictures.

I intend on riding this through everything though. Gonna be bomb.

Posted over 7 years ago


outofstep says:


Posted over 7 years ago


ghostridethewhip says:


Posted over 7 years ago


Kyono says:

Planning out a build with the same intentions. Looking good!

Posted almost 8 years ago