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cycled from south to north NZ on this bike. Sold it...

Added by robin. Last updated almost 14 years ago.

As of over 14 years ago, robin has indicated that they no longer own this bike.



dzrygng says:

as much as i love the frame, i'm more intrigued in how you decided to travel for a year!

Posted about 12 years ago


Coomer says:

Looks great! Why'd you sell it?

Posted over 14 years ago


robin says:

It was a beautiful bike and still I hate it that I had to sell it. We (my wife and two year old son) were travelling for a year. We live in Holland but went to asia and New Zealand. In NZ we bought a van to travel and sleep, but since i'm very active, i hated the driving. My wife did get so annoyed with me jumping around in the car ;) she allowed me to by a bike without getting rid of one of my other bikes....
I found this bike in a bike shop in the south of NZ. I started cycling about one hour before my wife started driving behind me. So after some time she would take me over, put me and the bike in the back of the car and looked for a place to camp.
High gear, no brakes and NZ mountains gave me most of the time a very funny ride.
In the north of NZ, I tried to send the bike to The Netherlands, but it was very expensive... We were planning to go back to asia.. with pain in my heart I sold the bike

It was tight, very light, super responsive, had toe overlap... and shit I'm afraid I will dream this night again about the bike...

Very nice to read comments by te way...

Posted over 14 years ago


Matthew says:

Love it!

Posted almost 15 years ago