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Chas Roberts TT - early 70's

Bought the frame on ebay, after some thorough investigation and with the help of Ron Cooper (RIP) Chas came forward and said he'd built it... Reamed out siezed seatpost, removed siezed BB/Shifter band/front mech cleaned up the worst of the rust and built with an unholy mix of vintage kit. Being a TT frame there's front mech cable routing so a cable stop was bodged. The wheelbase is insanely short and there's more toeverlap than my tarck bike. Angles are steep too so you have to concentrate on steep descents, but I'm really loving it.

Chas Roberts Custom 531 TT frame with the most Drilliumed BB I've ever seen. Pierced Nervex lugs

Batavus Pro (Columbus SL) Hatta Swan (ISO)

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Ofmega Chainset / Tange Levin

MKS GR-9 + All City Nylon Clips & Errebi Sprint Straps

Maillard 700 Compact (14-19) 6-speed freewheel, SR Drillium Chainring, Regina chain

Dura Ace AX rear, Huret Eco front, Campag Record D/T shifters

3TTT Competizione TdF Bars, 120mm ITM stem (Ex Raleigh Banana Team Bike), Deda Perforated Tape

SR / Turbo

Universal 66 levers, Galli Calipers

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Mavic Cosmic / Vittoria Rally

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Mavic GP4 (32H) Zeus Hub Zeus QR with Milremo plastic covers

Reg Bottle Cage, 2x spare tubs under saddle

More Info:
Don't worry the Cosmic's only there for the laughs, I also have the front

Added by RVL. Last updated almost 9 years ago.

As of almost 9 years ago, RVL has indicated that they no longer own this bike.



Mat_Roberts89 says:

Maybe this was built by Geoff Roberts?

Posted almost 7 years ago


RVL says:

Chas said "it's definitely one of ours" I took this to mean his or Charles snr. If Geoff was building in 1973, I guess it could also be by him... My guess is that it's Charles senior

Posted almost 7 years ago


pearleen says:

very nice, including cosmic.
ur friend needs a long chain tho. ;-)

Posted over 9 years ago


RVL says:

Cheers! I love deep rims with skinny steel frames!

I think my bro was running a bigger than usual cassette that day.

Posted about 9 years ago