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Cinelli Pista

Very old Cinelli Pista. The bike belonged to Kennith Williams who was an amateur track cyclist from England. I added a photo that shows how the bike was found after it had been sitting for half a century in the owner's backyard in Claremont Cape Town. This is how he specified it and raced it. Photos and a trophy shows that he won the Kentish Wheelers of London Grand Prix 1000 metres sprint in 1955, but not sure if on this bike or one of his other bikes.

Steel, nickle plated.

Nickle plated

Unica saddle

Added by EricB. Last updated almost 6 years ago.



Ashok_Captain says:

Holy inch pitch! Like Dimaz says, puhleese restore this gem. It's been a while since I saw an inch pitch transmission and cotter pins. Thanks for rescuing and sharing.

Posted almost 6 years ago


Dimaz says:

awesome! Super lightness for it's time, hope it will be restored.

Posted almost 6 years ago