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Daccordi 50th Anniversary

Before the first lockdown I came across this particular frame which was a barn find and couldn't let go so easily. In 1986 Luiggi Daccordi celebrate his 50th anniversary as a framebuilder with an Limited Edition of frames.Only 2000 where produced and mine was frame Nr 1700.This I thought needs to have a special treat so I decided to built it with a 1st gen of campagnolo c record which would be gold plated. So the project began.Parts where collected piece by piece found on the way some retrofriction rare shifters and when all gathered together i dismantled them cleaned buffed and 14k gold plated.For my luck i came across some nos 50th Campagnolo gold rims so i said what the heck put it also to work and so i did and laced them up to a c record nos hub set with dot Swiss spokes.As a total the results justifies my work and was absolutely astonishing.

Daccordi 50th SLX

Daccordi/C Record 1 st Gen

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
C Record/C Record

C Record

C Record

C record/C record retrofriftion

Cinelli Top 64/Cinelli 1R

Rolls/C Record

C Record Cobaltos

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Campagnolo 50th/C Record/Michelin

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Campagnolo 50th/C Record/Michelin

Handlebar leather hand stiched tape,Campagnolo Boracchia water bottle

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