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Davidson Tourer

My flying gur while I work on the possibilities of granting dogs their autonomy in San Francisco.**Update: my team of highly trained specialists in the field of scientific liberty have encountered numerous obfuscatory obstacular objectioning obstacles in our virtuou-righteous fight for the autonomy of the canine in the city of SF, and sadly the project has been abandoned do to questionable entities within the city who have quieried our quest regarding the issue of a monetary system for quadrupeds, and more than anything, the "meaning" of their moral system which my team had begun to install giving a "quality" to their life from a Ethico-work system of "reward", all these terms being lost in the city bureaucratic, certain officials not caring one bit about our project giving us the slip after having plainly shown the simplicity of such autonomy, our team having designed and implicated in controlled experiments, "dog-doors" to all supermarkets, and money changing machines, and of course their mode of "earning" being a general trash Clean up and in special cases dish washing, and most importantly we have shown in a controlled circumstance that the canine can work in parks and service, going so far as to husband an estate of their own, our team proved with a landslide victory that canines husband work such as picketing, marches, and general protest. Our team being most defeated, demoralized, and worsted by the bureaucratic stupefaction most of all in our research into the secret knowledge of the canine being that the quadruped has foreknowledge of natural disasters such as earthquakes and an altogether higher system of hearing, all our results getting ignored by the city has made me look askance at my own species in this plague stricken age. I don't know who to trust anymore, I only leave my house at night, and exist on a meagre diet of rice, beans, coffee and water. I've bought a train ticket to the east coast.

Bill Davidson

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:

Triple ring

bar end

Giro d' Italia in crust bj

fizik gobi

scott mathauser salmon pads

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
phil wood, matrix rim, gatorskin 32

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
phil, matrix rim, gatorskin 32

More Info:
on april 28 2022 she was taken before my very eyes in a chariot of fire

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matching green fron flap is fancy

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Added to favorites!

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Looking good bruh bruh! Ever thought about dt shifters for a cleaner look?

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