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DK Legacy

After riding BMXs for 15 years this is where my bike's evolution ended. Hasn't really changed in the last 12 years since I stopped riding, (the way it's meant to be ridden). Just the front tire and saddle.

2001 DK Bicycle Co, Legacy, Chris Doyle signature series.

S&M Ditchfork, FSA(?) Pig Cups, top and bottom

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Primo Powerbite left & right drive side compatible, Primo hollow spindle

Primo Tenderizers (magnesium)

Profile 15t, Kink 39t, Izumi 3/32

Primo Moe's bar & Casket stem

Generic saddle, DK post

Odyssey Evolver, Tektro lever

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Hoffman Girthy hub 48h 10mm axle, stainless double butted 4X, Alex rims Supra RX, CST 20X2.125

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Profile LSD cassette 48h 15mm axle, stainless double butted 4X, Alex rims Supra RX Specialized (TJ Laven) 20X1.9

ODI Long neck grips, Snafu bar ends, Primo chain tensioners, Custom made tensioner with frame/chain protection Odyssey pegs Red alloy valve caps I bought when in school (1988 I think)

More Info:
It's a heavy ol' bike compared to today's bikes. Still great to ride. The saddle had to go up a couple of cm, knees hurt a bit now riding it.

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