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Fuji Crack Pro

Yes it's 650c back wheel and a 700c front wheel, yes it's a tubular, no it doesn't have a lockring or brakes, and it has a dent, but it was only $40. The stickers were collected at NAHBS 2014 and are mostly bike related companies.

55cm Fuji Track Pro 2003 Sandblasted

Fuji stock aluminum fork/black and silver origin 8 headset parts mixed together.

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Sugino Messenger/Sugino 103mm

Time atac a wee bit rusted

Generic 16t 1/8" cog/KMC 1/8" chain/Sugino Messenger 44t (spin, spin, spin)

Crappy stem off a Bainchi Pista/Nitto Rb-021 (I know, no tape for now. Deal with it)

Shitty fake suede saddle off a friend's Bainchi Sei Giorni/Some random micro adjust seatpost

No brakes I use my hipster powers

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Shit off a stock Bianchi Pista/Probably Formula/2 year old Vitoria tire

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Now we come to the star attraction: The dick wheel made of kevlar, the Falcon Accel II 650c/Tubular Continental claims to be "handmade in Germany"

a weird little seatpost band that the Fizik guys gave me that is supposed to keep grime our of the seat tube

More Info:
Perhaps this bike makes you laugh, or maybe feel anger, or just annoyance, but consider this: If this bicycle elicits emotion from the viewer than it has succeeded in something. http://i.minus.com/ibfWi3eeJi9Jr3.gif

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Deluxe says:

so fixie

Posted over 9 years ago


neilmandude says:


Posted about 10 years ago


GromCake says:

"If this bicycle elicits emotion from the viewer than it has succeeded in something."

no. no it hasn't. that's the most pretentious load of shit i've heard since the fault in our stars trailer cigarette metaphor.

Posted about 10 years ago


sonomike says:

Ass-backwards bike

Posted about 10 years ago


ryandug says:

Very interesting... How does the no brakes and no lockring work? It seems like just a threaded on cog would not be very good at stopping with just the power of your legs.

Posted about 10 years ago


hafizdyfectra says:

He did not mention anything about legs. He uses hipster power.

Posted about 10 years ago


StevenPreusser says:

Well, at least you tried.

Posted about 10 years ago