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Gios Torino Super Record Model II (1978)

There's a nice story behind this bike. A friend once came by at our workshop with his old "Meo Special" race bike (see the last picture), which he was using as a city bike to get from one place to another. He wasn't satisfied with the performance, since the bike was pretty old, never maintained and not in good shape. I first got suspicious once I noticed that the crank set that was built on the bike had gt-engravements. So did the fork. So I took a closer look at it and noticed the drilled rear dropouts, and the typical seat stay shape. I turned the bike and checked the bottom bracket, and there it was again: the gt-logo. So what I had in my hands was a Gios Torino (a Super Record Model II as I later found out), which was customized back in the days by MEO Bici in Zurich and might have been used as a team bike once. Since my friend wasn't interested at all in bicycles and only wanted a good working one for daily use I built him up a nice Cilo bike in exchange for the Gios frame. It took some time to get all the parts together and to match the colour, but our paintshop did a very good job again. I am very satisfied with the result. So this is how I got my first Gios Torino. :)

Gios Torino Super Record Model II 1978 Size 57

Campagnolo Super Record

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Campagnolo Super Record

Campagnolo Super Record

Campagnolo Super Record

Cinelli Girp D'Italia

Concor Profil / Campagnolo Super Record

Campagnolo Super Record

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Fiamme / Campagnolo Super Record

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Fiamme / Campagnolo Super Record

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JanStoop says:

hello. A very nice bike but it is not a 1978. Sorry. The bike misses a small extra hole at the end of the right pad, which is typical 1978. If you are interested I will send you a picture of it. Just send an Email to me : janstoop@ofcorse.com. And it is still a very nice bike only a little bit older 1977?

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Jimbo_Solvang says:


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