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KHS Aero Comp

Recently picked up the frame set and I'm not too sure how i want to build it up. Also not too sure what my hubs are laced to. someone said this to me when i was selling it "I was sponsored by KHS as a collegiate racer in the mid-late 90s. This was the bike I raced. It's a great bike. The curved seat tube tucks the rear wheel in for a very short wheelbase. This a great crit frame for a lighter rider. I wouldn't recommend it for a clydesdale, but for a rider in the 140-160 pound range, it's phenomenal. As in the photos above, I converted mine to a TT frame with great success." It was kinda cool to see so yeah...

KHS Aero Comp

KHS/ Shimano 600

Vision TT jawns

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Shimano 600 tri color hub

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Shimano 600 tri8 color hub

More Info:

Added by Sergio. Last updated over 8 years ago.

As of about 9 years ago, Sergio has indicated that they no longer own this bike.



dietrootbeer says:

this is awesome. i love these frames. wish mine had been a bit smaller. I also agree with with dropped roadie build

Posted about 9 years ago


ridingfixed says:

Build it as a road bike. As in drops, not aero bars. Although those visions are pretty cool.

Posted about 9 years ago