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LOW// Pursuit

Handmade frame by Andrew Low, SF. Raw aluminium frame, black decals, two-pass clear coat. Twitchy and brutal. Love it.

LOW Pursuit 58

Alpina Carbon 30mm rake / Chris King

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
SRAM Omnium 165 / GXP BB

TIME ATAC Alium / SIDI Dominator 5's

EAI Gold Medal 17T Ti-Nitride / Sugino Zen 48T / Izumi V

Vision TT / Thomson Elite

San Marco Zoncolan / Thomson Elite

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Zipp 3000 / Vittoria Corsa Evo 23

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Velocity A23 / Dura-Ace 7600 / Vittoria Rando 25

Thomson seatpost clamp / Sugino chainring bolts

More Info:
www.saintcloud.com.au www.lowbicycles.com

Added by EdShred. Last updated almost 8 years ago.

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Cepz says:

Sick build. hey i was wondering how does the zipp 3000 spins? they run ok? cuz someone is selling their zipp.

Posted almost 5 years ago


Tp88 says:

This was the inspiration I had for my LOW. I've had a picture of it in my wallet ever since I placed the order up until completion! Lovely build!

Posted almost 6 years ago


Aspence says:

Sick Low! That Zipp is fuckin dope!

Posted almost 6 years ago


longkachia says:

that zipp 3000 FTW!

Posted about 6 years ago


xs1cht says:


Posted over 6 years ago


imgs says:

So fucking beautiful

Posted over 6 years ago


jamesy says:

so amazing, rad job on the build. if you're eve looking to sell this frame i'd love to make an offer

Posted almost 7 years ago


gabelearnstoride says:

Awesome bike i cant wait for mine! i just ordered!!

do you still ride that bike? i would love to see it! i occasionally head to st cloud!

Posted over 7 years ago


EdShred says:

Thanks! Yeah I ride it every day, it looks a little different now, no Zipp on the front, compact drops and a matching front wheel.

Posted over 7 years ago


Impalpablestate says:

Want that Zipp 3000 so badly.

Posted over 7 years ago


lilacattack says:

Wow that's a lot of expensive parts I could still beat you I guarantee you have no stamina you jut care about blogs and lookin pretty and shit

Posted over 7 years ago


EdShred says:

You got me man. I don't actually know how to ride a bike, I just heard all the cool kids were buying them. It hangs on the wall in my loft.

Posted over 7 years ago


cjdavid says:

Yeah man I walk with my fixie down Embarcadero street and all the messengers say wassup and be like "dat fixie fag got swag"

Posted over 7 years ago


Legionnaire says:

Hahahhaha so stupid.

Posted over 5 years ago


Nocoast says:

Love the set up man.im 6'0" and I don't really know what size to get.i want the dimensions pretty much exactly like this.do you know these dimensions of hand?

Posted over 7 years ago


DeadlyMofo says:

Im 6'2 and I ordered a 60 I have a pretty long torso and when I asked at the shop I had 2 options I Just went for the biggest they had

Posted over 7 years ago


Nocoast says:

Forsure man thanks.and are you looking to sell?

Posted over 7 years ago


manilanimal says:

nice build!

Posted over 7 years ago


sk8erluck says:

In front of st cloud?? I would love to see this around!!

Posted over 7 years ago


EdShred says:

I ride it round Melbourne every day, holla if you see me :D

Posted over 7 years ago

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