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McCarthy World Class Pursuit Track Bike

Ridden in Spring of 2011. Sold it when I broke my hand while rain riding the first week of summer. I really miss this thing. I believe this thing is one of a kind. Some pretty funny graphics. As for history, I can only relay what I have been told. Here is what I have gathered from the previous owner's knowledge. "I am the former owner of this frame, which I purchased in 2006 and sold to the previous owner in 2009. I rode it for some training at the Velodrome in Colorado Springs- I purchased it from a gentleman who had raced it at the Georgia State Velodrome, having brought it from England where he had purchased it from the original owner...or so the story goes. The paint appears to be the original, and a very impressive thick red coat of enamel...unfortunately all of the stickers are under the clear coat. The Renolds, as I understand it was a sponsor for what was probably a club team that it was raced for...or thew original owner, the team having been McCarthy, which convention would suggest- since nobody knows anything or can find anything about an english team called McCarthy, I concluded that it was a amateur club team of no particular importance, probably in Leeds, from the information I have. Based on the parts that appeared to be original and the design I would guess that it was built in the mid 80's, a very good quality handmade frame...more common during that period in England than it was in the US. I have been paced at over 40mph on a descent by auto riding this bicycle- it is capable of frightening speed and more than capable of handling it. This is no beater street bike, it is a retro, but world class track frame. The handling is a little "twitchy" for the street, and could be dangerous it you do not have very good control over a bicycle. This is the drag racer of bicycles- enjoy. " One of the stiffest machines I've ever owned. Custom tubing hand welded for McCarthy team circa 1980 pursuit. Set to kill.

McCarthy World Class Pursuit Track

McCarthy / Miche threaded

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Miche Pr1mato Pro Track Crank w/ Advanced chainring


17 t All-City

Nitto RB021 dropped pursuit bars / Kalloy Uno

Fizik Aliante Carbon saddle with Ti rails / Kalloy Uno

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
650c front H+Son rim laced to Ofmega hub / Conti Gatorskin

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
700c rear H+Son rim laced to Gipiemme hub / Conti GP4000

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staylurkn says:

One of my favs.

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junos says:

probably the gayest bike on this page... hands down!

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AlvinGC says:

Looks great!

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