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Mercier Kilo TT - RIP!

This is my every day bike. This is how I get to work, see friends, go shopping for groceries, explore the city, and anything I need to do to sustain myself. Built with a friend from scratch as my first bike 2 years ago, it's been what's taken me to a lot of places, and has taught me a lot.

Mercier Kilo TT - 60cm

Mercier / Shimano 600

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Campagnolo Strada - 170mm / Sugino SG755 Cartridge

Shimano PD-A540

Surly 17t / Sugino 75 47t / Izumi Eco

Campagnolo Veloce Ergopower, 10sp

Nitto M151 SSB, 40mm / Nitto UI-12, 120mm

San Marco Zoncolan Open Ti / Origin-8 0mm offset


Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Velocity Aileron / All City New Sheriff SL / Panaracer Pasela, 700x32mm

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Velocity Aileron / All City New Sheriff SL / Panaracer Pasela PT, 700x32mm

Bike History

Click a link below to see past stages of this bike.

  1. Initial
  2. Stage 2
  3. Rad
  4. Gearing up for tour, or something!

Current Stage Info:

Trying out a few things, just to make sure everything fits & feels good; different bars, levers & tires will come soon, as well as fenders (chopped to fit), and a dynamo hub, front rack, and a decaleur.
Hoping it all works out!

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JoeLeHoe says:

Kilo's really have clearance for 32s? i thought they only went up 28s.

Posted over 5 years ago


likeworriedfire says:

Haha, the Kilo is definitely, 100% maxed out w/ the 32s. I think the rims (25mm wide) are to thank for the tires fitting at all; they don't inflate quite as high with the wider rim, so it just barley makes them fit.

Posted over 5 years ago


Switchbladecomb says:

How have the 32 paselas worked out on this frame? Any rubbing?

Posted over 5 years ago


likeworriedfire says:

They've been great! I actually swapped to 28s to be able to mount some fenders, which has been super rad. I don't remember them rubbing at all, but I think the only reason they fit was because the Aileron rims are so wide.

Posted over 5 years ago


Nathap470 says:

Clean! One of the better kilos on here

Posted over 6 years ago