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Mercier Kilo TT Stripper

Another bike I had but now I don’t. My ex bought me the frame for my birthday. Built it up with take-off components from The Hour. Bought a 26er BMX fork. It didn’t really fit well with 700c wheels with tyres bigger than 20c.

More Info:
I built it up stock and bought a secondary BMX fork because fgfs was a thing. I sold it to my budy for really cheap. Like, stupid cheap. Velocity deep v rims new cost me over 350, and I sold it to him complete for 300. I told myself “I’ll buy it back from him once I settle in in SC” but he started upgrading little things and dented the top tube. I knew I would never be able to buy her back at that point. ADDED NOTE: There’s no one who really threads forks in SC, Family Cycling Center kiiiiinda does. They add threads to existing forks. This bike didn’t come with threads on the fork and after I picked it up they told me “this will be the last bike we’ll be threading here, we just don’t have the right equipment”. I’ve bought Three Kilo TTs that I’ve bought probably in the span of 1-3 years apart from each time and taken them there. Every time after I pick them up, that’s has been their response.

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