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Mysterious Lugged Steel Townie

Not sure what the frame is. Bought it, built, rode it for a day and decided its not for me. Frame is now for Sale!

Added by moshulu. Last updated 11 months ago.

As of 11 months ago, moshulu has indicated that they no longer own this bike.



_nico says:

Looks like an Alien Bikes Track Frame. Company is gone now. Was decent like 7-8 years ago, when you couldn't find track frames everywhere (at least not new ones). Nice bike!

Posted almost 2 years ago


moshulu says:

Holy sh!t due, what an eye!
Think you could be right, although the bottom bracket has 3 'vents' in, unlike the BB in the image here;


Possibly a later addition? The frame looks identical in every other way, geo and especially the rear track ends!

Thanks for the info :)

Posted almost 2 years ago