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Mysterious Lugged Steel Townie

Not sure what the frame is. Bought it, built, rode it for a day and decided its not for me. Frame is now for Sale!

Added by moshulu. Last updated over 1 year ago.

As of over 1 year ago, moshulu has indicated that they no longer own this bike.



_nico says:

Looks like an Alien Bikes Track Frame. Company is gone now. Was decent like 7-8 years ago, when you couldn't find track frames everywhere (at least not new ones). Nice bike!

Posted over 2 years ago


moshulu says:

Holy sh!t due, what an eye!
Think you could be right, although the bottom bracket has 3 'vents' in, unlike the BB in the image here;


Possibly a later addition? The frame looks identical in every other way, geo and especially the rear track ends!

Thanks for the info :)

Posted over 2 years ago