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Nelson Pista

First track bike. The full project is not finished yet, but it's way better than when I bought it.

Nelson Pista 54

Alpina track fork/Ritchey Zero Logic Pro

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Sram Omnium/Uniti Ceramic

Time Atac XE

No-name Cog 17t/Sram Omnium 48t/SRAM PC1

Deda Magic/Deda Zero100

Velo Pro/Biologic(with a pump inside!)

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Mavic Open Pro/Sachs New Success/Gatorskin 25c

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Mavic Open Pro/Miche Primato 1st gen/Gatorskin 23c

Bike History

Click a link below to see past stages of this bike.

  1. Initial build(after purchase)
  2. Initial adjustments
  3. Cockpit change and Omnium
  4. New Fork!
  5. Track setup
  6. Going clipless

Current Stage Info:

Just testing clipless pedals. This is really more efficient.

Added by Francium87. Last updated over 8 years ago.

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elbarto says:

Wow I love your friends bike!

Posted almost 9 years ago


Francium87 says:

Er... Thanks for him :) This belongs to Tom8uk, but this bike is not (yet) on his pedalroom. Colombus Max.

Posted almost 9 years ago