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No Quarter Purple

We've got our signature colour going on quite a few blogs and in print but I wanted to share the info with you guys first. I'd like to introduce No Quarter Purple. We spent 3 months changing and perfecting the formula by hand to create the perfect colour. We changed primers, base coat and lacquer + tinting to get the combination right. It's a complex colour due to each coat of paint and even the lacquer being a different colour than what was sprayed on before. This colour looks truly amazing in natural light. It's taken 100 different test sheets and spray charts to create this colour, we've painted it on tubes, flat surfaces, just about anything to see how it reacts. We use a very expensive Japanese pearl additive to the paint which is unbeatable, even if you stand it next to a metallic or mega glossy frame this will outshine them. Only 1 person in the world knows how to mix it and only 1 person in the world knows how to paint it. We teamed up with Tim Leicester from Sword Cycles to paint his Bespoke Bristol frame, his stunning fillet brazing creates a great surface for this paint. www.facebook.com/noquarterbikes www.noquarterbikes.co.uk www.instagram/noquarterbikes

Sword Cycles

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Looks cool!

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