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Old Roadies Workshop Projects

In my retirement I find great pleasure in working on my bicycles. These projects are in the process of refinishing (can't paint in winter) and collecting parts. I tend to have several ongoing projects, at any given time, so this entry is a glimpse into my more interesting workshop projects. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Ideor Asso 1959-1962 In 1959, the absolute center of Southern California cycling culture was the Arroyo Seco (Rose Bowl) bicycle loop in Pasadena. For the 1960 Olympics, three of the four cyclists on the US team were from California. At least one of these riders was commonly seen on the Arroyo Seco loop. His ride? A Campy equipped Ideor Asso. This resulted in the Ideor Asso becoming (in our local bike culture) the holy grail of road bikes. My Ideor Asso spent most of its life as a movie prop. The studio eventually surplused it to an employee, who sold it to the person I bought it from. The previous owner parted it out (a mixture of Gran Sport and later hardware). When it came to me, all that was left was the frame and fork. The frame is entirely chrome plated. At this point I think the lugs can polish up; when I am bored, I buff it some more. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Paragon 1964-1972 Lars Zebroski was a US cyclist in the 1960 Olympics. In 1964 he started his own custom frame shop. building Paragon frames; they typically had Reynolds 531 tubing, Nervex Pro lugs, Zeus drop outs, English threading, and 66mm (not 68) BB width. Lars Zebroski teamed up with noted Jevelot frame builder, Hugh Enochs; who designed the frames and did some, or most, of the frame building. My example is missing its' original fork. I doubt I will ever find a proper Reynolds 531, English threaded, Zeus tipped replacement; so a suitable substitute will be installed. This is the lightest steel frame in my possession. >>>>>>>>>>>>> 1970-1971 Peugeot PX-10 Another project bike. I saw this one on eBay and thought it just needed saving. time will tell. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Super Mondia Special 1972-1974 These are great riding, very well made, classic touring bikes. I never liked their signature fade away paint schemes (which were an option). Mondia offered a more conventional paint scheme which this one will mimic. My frame received extra brazeons when it was first refinished; not original, but I like them nonetheless. If anyone ever invents vintage bike tours; this will be my ride. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Motobecane Team Champion 1978 This nice Columbus SL frame is definitely on the back burner; time will tell. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Basso Gap 1981 Nice Columbus SL frame with Cinelli bottom bracket shell. On the back burner but will be classic Campy. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Atala Professionisti 1989 A little too new for Eroica, but nevertheless, a nice classic steel Italian. This pleasant bike will be Campy equipped (from the appropriate era). >>>>>>>>>>>>> Rocky Mountain Thin Air 2000 I rarely ride mountain bikes. I was given a nice mountain bike with a broken frame ; what is one to do? I bought a nice Rocky Mountain Thin Air frame and transferred the components. >>>>>>>>>>>>> New Albion Homebrew 2018 I am getting older and this may be my last new bike. The frame is nicely made and fits my old bike mentality. It can manage fatter tires (700c x 33mm) than my current road bikes. The frame set is TIG-welded with old school diameter Tange Champion #2 and Prestige steel tubing. New Albion doesn't offer complete bikes. You have to build it yourself or pay someone to do the work.

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