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RuFa going through changes

60ies steel track bike made by Rudolf Fauss (hence RuFa). Since I don't come around to rebuilding it era correct, I decided to bin that idea and make it a daily rider, stay tuned for some interesting updates..

RuFa 60s track, 55cm, Nervex Prof. lugs, 531, nice lug lining,

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:

Bike History

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  1. Initial
  2. daily
  3. a new life

Current Stage Info:

My knees can't stand the FG thing no more, so the bike has to adjust...here we go. Widened to 135mm, made some disc tabs, a new bridge and stiffening tube (not pictured)
stay tuned..this is kind of a pre-trial of what to do with the beloved yellow track bike.

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As of almost 4 years ago, ques_one has indicated that they no longer own this bike.



Vintage-Trackie says:

I'm curious ... is the serial number on this early RU-Fa a 3 digit number?
example - 123 ( no letters )
Thank you

Posted about 1 year ago


ques_one says:

Don't have it anymore, sorry.

Posted about 1 year ago


vp1337 says:

Amazing frame,and good job on the build itself.

Posted about 7 years ago


ghostridethewhip says:


Posted almost 7 years ago


mus says:

Love the patina on that frame!

Posted about 7 years ago