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should i really have bought this thing??

dont know to much about her really she was all lonely outside some guys house i picked it up for 25 bucks... its a sanwa? i think i want to make it a fixie?

steel frame... says sanwa 110? i dont know...

stock steel... no headset at the moment its just the frame!

i stuck my beat up ass turbo saddle on a brand new origin 8 post

More Info:
im wondering if its even worth my time! ill have pics soon of the before

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Moto_Club4AG says:

I'd say any steelie these days are worth saving...if not for yourself, then for some other dude to whack at it as a restore project, a beater bike, or a crazy ass fixie. Just don't throw them away as they are becoming more hard to find cheaply...

Posted over 14 years ago


itchybeard says:

thank you very much:-)

Posted over 14 years ago


Coomer says:

Excited to see it!

Posted almost 15 years ago