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SOMEC special (for sale)

Its a SOMEC, probably late seventies/early eighties... I think the model at that time was called the 'special'.

Toptube: 54 centre to centre

More Info:
Serial #F41

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beancounter says:

thanks, I agree about that Somec catalogue. Its impossible to even tell what kind of front mech mount those bike had. I have done some more digging and the frame and lugs are eaxctly the same at this..


My fork bridge looks slightly more modern, however the rest appears exactly as this SOMEC Special.

As such I figure its a slightly later but before braze on front mech hangers came in... early eighties ??

Posted over 9 years ago


breso says:

Here's an old catalogue, but the resolution is so bad that you can't really tell... I was trying to spot the same headtube lugs engravings (the yellow triangles) but I couldn't find them on this pixel madness:

I would say is either the 1028 or 1029 (because of the toptube cable guides, and the 1029 seems to have the triangles on the headtube lugs)
Good luck!

Posted over 9 years ago