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State Cycles 4130 "Tenebre"

picked this up for cheap in Virginia before moving out to Montana to commute with. i'm upgrading parts here and there and i'll eventually upgrade the frame. probably something more aero bein' as 8 outta 10 of my rides home are into the fuckin' Montana winds (they average about 20mph and on a bad day will slow you to a crawl).

State Bicycle Co. 4130 Matte Black 4

State / State

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
SRAM Omnium 170MM / SRAM GXP

Exustar / Cinelli vs Mike Giant straps / MKS pedal flips

48t / 16t


Zipp Service Course SL-70 38MM Ergo Drops w/ Retrospec Track Soft Grips / Zipp Service Course 80MM

Brooks B17 / Zipp Service Course

Yup. (because i don't trust anyone)

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Essor Bolt / Essor / GatorSkin

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Essor Bolt / Essor / GatorSkin / Halo thread cover

Kashimax frame protector, stickers, lights bluteef speaker and some other shit.

Bike History

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  1. Initial
  2. Saddled
  3. Pistas
  4. Seatpost / Wheels / Tires
  5. Done for the season...

Current Stage Info:

it's getting to the time of the year where it's starting to be too cold to ride, so i s'pose i'm done making changes for now. it'll probably get stripped down and painted during the winter though.

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ghostridethewhip says:

Sounds like u need a geared setup

Posted over 7 years ago


TrashLegs says:

it's only 5 miles each way and the wind is only there when i'm headin' home. while they'd help (especially on the bad days), gears would probably be a bit much. that and i love the simplicity of a fixed gear bike.

Posted over 7 years ago