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Tom Wallace Frame Queensland

A nice bike I recently acquired, It was made for the original owner with track lugs and a Derailleur Lug attached, it was done by Tom at the request of the original owner and built this way, it has never been repainted (Original Paint) and the owner though 84yo said his memory was not clear as to when it was built for him but guessed it was late 1970's. It may not be the finest example of Tom Wallaces work as it is very unrefined for a hand made and built frame, the roughness I am told is not typical of his work and the Derailleur Lug has a stamping on it I am unfamiliar with (HES). only on the derailleur side. The frame geometry is typical of a road frame not a track frame but why the original owner specified Track Lugs and wanted a Derailleur Hanger added to a track lug, even he could not eplain other than he just wanted it. Tom must have been tired and bored when he made this one. the wheels are a mis match and I will try to address this issue as he gave me some Campagnolo Wheels that he is not sure whether they were original equipment, plus I purchased another pair of Prior Big Flange Wheels from him, I think the Campys were original but he's had it over 30 years so I'll forgive the memory lapse. The brake hoods have turned to a sticky gel like substance even though they look completely in tact, if you handle them balls of rubber come off in your hand and stick to you.

Tom Wallace

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:

Shimano 600

Shimano 600




Shimano Exage Motion

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:

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