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V A P O R W A V E Partyhardröck

this started as a joke and now i question everything i know

1993 Specialized Hardrock Ultra, 16.5"


Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Driveside: Shimano 600EX FC-6206. Non-driveside: Shimano Deore LX FC-M560. 170mm / Shimano BB-UN55, 113mm.

Shimano PD-T8000

2x8: Shimano Sora 3550 46/34 chainrings, Shimano CS-HG80 11-28 with the 14T cog removed for an 8-of-9 setup on a 7-speed freehub body

Rear derailleur: Shimano Deore LX RD-M560 with the "aero" short pulley cage off an Ultegra 600 RD-6400. Front derailleur: Deore LX FD-M560. Shifters: Dura Ace ST-7400.

Crust Towel Rack handlebar / Origin8 ATB quill stem with a Paul Funky Monkey brake cable hanger

Fizik Antares VSX TEST / Kalloy Evo

Shimano Deore LX BR-M565 canti brakes with Koolstop Salmon pad inserts, Dura Ace ST-7400 levers.

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Shimano DH-3N80 dynamo hub / Sun RhynoLite rim / 36-spoke. Simworks Homage 26" tire

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Shimano FH-HG20 hub / Araya VP-20 rim / 36-spoke. Simworks Homage 26" tire

Wald 157 Giant Delivery Basket - modified for shift lever clearance. B&M Secula rear light and Eyc front light.

Bike History

Click a link below to see past stages of this bike.

  1. Initial
  2. whooooooo partybiek
  3. better/worse stem
  4. flappy levers and dynamo lights

Current Stage Info:

The ultra-short stem was an overcorrection. This one is just right.

The stem shifter was quick and easy to set up when I first built the bike, but with the ültra wïde levers, it was really inconvenient to reach for. Also, the bike was frankly way under geared - I basically just sat in the top gear of the cassette. So I put on shifty levers, and a double while I was at it.

The shift levers are from the 8-speed Dura Ace group. Pre-9-speed Dura Ace has a unique motion ratio that's not shared with other Shimano groups, but fun story, when Shimano was designing 9-speed, they used the *cable pull* from 8-speed Dura Ace. So you can use 8-speed Dura Ace indexed shifter to shift a 9-speed-spaced 8-of-9 cassette with a non-dura-ace derailleur. Science!

The basket struts were cut down to bring the basket as low over the tire as possible. Handling is pretty awful with the basket full, but it's less awful when the basket is as low as possible. I also modified the basket for shift lever clearance.

Dynamo light because duh.

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lessmore says:


Posted over 5 years ago


bikeanon says:

"this started as a joke and now i question everything i know" --- Curious about this... Is it the wide bars, the canti's, the 26"?

Posted over 5 years ago


semyorka says:

bruh are you insulting canti brakes and 26" rims...? But seriously, I bought this bike purely because of the color, did the silliest things I could imagine, and it actually rides extremely well.

Posted over 5 years ago


Le_Pigeonvert says:

This is art

Posted over 5 years ago


Ashok_Captain says:

Absolutely agree with all the other comments! Appreciate the cut up chainring extension for the front light. How have you kept it from slipping downward on bumpy terrain?

Posted over 5 years ago


semyorka says:

I bent the back edge of the chainring to dig into the rack strut. It hasn't gone anywhere yet.

Posted over 5 years ago


Nathap470 says:

Fuckin love it!

Posted almost 6 years ago


AL2 says:

she got that WAGON boi

Posted almost 6 years ago


GhostRidingTheWhip says:


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mfrank10 says:


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vp1337 says:


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arekey says:

Definitely lives up to it's name. Crazy in a good way.

Posted almost 6 years ago