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Vamoots Singlespeed

A standard MOOTS Vamoots road frame converted to a singlespeed. Singlespeed bikes are an ideal way to experience the unique dampening and handling characteristics of a good Ti frame. For me, titanium is not about lightness, but about the way it transforms the road beneath. I've dreamed of owning a Ti bike ever since my first test ride on a Litespeed Catalyst 20 years ago and MOOTS has really improved upon those early Ti framesets with their modern Vamoots. Moots will make any of their Vamoots frames with track dropouts and track spacing, but White industries makes hubs and cranks that will fit any standard road bike, making it possible to switch back to a multi-speed configuration at some later point in time.

54cm Moots Vamoots

Enve Road 1.0/Chris King Sotto Voce

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
White industries VBC



3T Ergonova Pro/Thompson X2

Gilles Berthoud Aspin/Thompson Elite

Shimano Ultegra w/ TRP Alloy levers

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
DT 585/White industries ENO/Schwalbe Durano

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
DT 585/White industries ENO/Schwalbe Durano

Knog Blinder/Nite Rider Lumina

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DScience says:

Ignore the haters, this bike is legit!

Posted almost 10 years ago


keirinmax says:

doesn't look bad at all.. still it's just wrong.. sry

Posted over 10 years ago


billythekid says:

Some hate on this bike is to be expected. There really isn't anything inherently "wrong" about a Ti singlespeed, apart from it's deviation from the traditional singlespeed bike template. It's not an alu track bike and it's not vintage Italian steel, but titanium isn't any worse for a singlespeed bike than a traditional multi-speed configuration. The only practical difference between the two are propensity for use on hill climbs. My daily commute doesn't have any hills, so I choose not to use multiple gears... If I end up in a different commute with hills, I'll switch the bike over to a multi-gear drivetrain.

Posted over 10 years ago


Trujillogoes200mph says:

What; are you doing to this awesome frame?

Posted over 10 years ago


nightstalker says:

whats wrong with it? i think its awesome to have a ti ss frame. plus it doesnt hurt to make it SS if you already have a road bike

Posted over 10 years ago


billythekid says:

Riding it every day.. What else would I do with it?

Posted over 10 years ago