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Wabi Classic

My NYC commuter and weekend rider in one. It's been about a year with the bike and a pleasure the whole time. Banged up the bike and myself in a crash this summer, which is when the levers got tossed and the bars got retaped in leather and a pair of old Dia-Compes a friend had lying around got thrown on. Bar tape worked with the Brooks, which is as low as it is in some photos because the post got stuck. Got it free though, and it looks a lot less clunky now for newer shots. Probably the only Wabi running suicides around, but they've been a nice addition to the bike that I tend to use for slight changes in speed with the main levers for real braking. Looking to swap in an IRD Defiant crankset soon, maybe throwing on some some new wheels in a little while. Low cost new Origin-8 chainring to replace a bent one. I ride the bike almost exclusively freewheel, but occasionally I'll flip and ride it fixed when I'm not commuting with it. Incredibly nimble and fun to ride, makes the daily schlep worthwhile.

Wabi Classic, Desert Turquoise, 52cm

Wabi fork/FSA Orbit X

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Andel RSC1-4702 (soon to be IRD Defiant), TH BB-7420SST

MKS Silvan Touring / Christophe Clips

Andel RSC1-4702 18t/Origin-8 Beck 130 48T


Lead Tech LCH-609/Lead Tech LCS-7091, Adarga Bar Tape

Brooks B17

Tektro R540

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
A Rim 70301, Continental Gatorskin 23c

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
A Rim 70301, Continental Gatorskin 23c

Dia-Compe suicide levers

Bike History

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  1. Initial
  2. Stage 2

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Murrell says:

Wow, looks good with the brown. I went with all black on mine. The desert turquoise is such a great color isn't it?

Posted about 9 years ago


pelhamonetwotree says:

Such a great color! Thanks man, love the look of your black and blue build. Gives it a great aggressive look, but still the classical frame.

Posted about 9 years ago


otiswolf says:

Dope ride. Upgrade dem cranks!

Posted about 9 years ago