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WHITE MAKINO Columbus Spirit Keirin-INA

"The WHITE LION" This is my 5th fixed gear bike, after a four-year vacuum finally returning to action on the streets of the capital Jakarta INDONESIA . The beginning like Fixed gear when in Bandung in 2011 while cycling it became a trend. MAKINO NJS ・ ・ ・ For me, it's usually called Dimas as a videographer at one of the private multimedia and digital marketing offices in Jakarta. Starting fun by myself trying to assemble a bicycle, then join the @fnfbandung community in 2011. Really like the name hunting parts from a roadside shop until hunting in the "marketplace" and until one day starting poisoning NJS Keirin Bike when he saw a friend in the community who use. Had a long time pending the project built NJS Keirin Bikenya, until the taste appeared again in the last few months "Other parts are ready, so that's just the frameset. Search for Makino framesets in @njs_export all cool options. Finally, choose the spec Columbus Columbus and have the name Keirin Racer decals, "I live around Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. Open for other cyclist to invite riding together. Through a bicycle can add friends

Makino NJS // White // Columbus Spirit Keirin // 52.5cm

Makino NJS / Shimano Dura-ace Hp-7410 NJS

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Sugino Messenger / Tange

Brain double straps

cog 17t taiwan / sugino messenger 48t / Izumi Gold

Nitto b123 NJS / Nitto Jaguar 110mm NJS

selle ITALIA Concor Supercorsa / 27.2 Ritchey 2-bolt

no-brakes / skids

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Hub Novatech GOLD 36H / Deli Clincher Tire 700x25C 62 TPI

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Hub Novatech GOLD 36H / Deli Clincher Tire 700x25C 62 TPI

SKOUT Frame Shields top tube protector

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