Welcome to the New Pedal Room

January 04, 2023 05:31 PM by Coomer

You're looking at the updated Pedal Room, at least on this page. Bit by bit I'll be working on the site and improving things, starting with the home page. The home page is now mobile-friendly, and does a better job at showing off bikes.

The general discussion forum is temporarily removed, as it was just a cesspool of scumbag spammers and bots. There's new filters to try to better weed out the bots and spammers in other areas too, and as I improve the tech I'll be able to hopefully get things like notifications working again.

Other pages like bike browsing pages and profiles are also updated to use the new mobile-friendly layout.

I wanted to have the whole site switched over, but figured I'd start small and get something out, and continue to iterate. It's been too long since I've spent time updating and caring for the site, and my goal is to change that and improve things.

What I really want for Pedal Room is for it to be a great space for bikes, with more searching and browsing options, a better marketplace, and less lowlife spammers.

Thank you to everyone who's here reading this, and stay tuned for more work on the site coming very soon. Cheers!



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