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5 Ways to Energize Your Morning Routine

Wouldn't you love to feel energized every day? If you've been feeling groggy and sluggish each morning, think about implementing some things in your morning routine that will perk you right up. Thankfully, there are some healthy ways you can get energized. Learn why using a superfruit supplement, engaging in mindfulness, getting some exercise, eating a well-rounded breakfast and drinking more water can improve your vitality.

1. Use a Superfruit Supplement
Superfruits are types of fruits containing enzymes and antioxidants that help detoxify and energize your body. Today, there are supplements that are derived from superfruits. You can get the benefits of eating many types of fruits in just one small dosage. Polyphenol-rich superfruits have additional health benefits, like regulating digestion. Some of these derivatives are green tea extract, mulberry extract and bitter melon extract. This small addition to your daily routine can really make a difference in how you feel during your workday.

2. Engage in Mindfulness
Whether you realize it or not, stress can have a big impact on your energy levels. Managing stress can take a lot out of you, especially if you're dealing with heavy emotions. Making time to be in the present moment has shown to reduce anxiety and psychological distress. By reducing stress, you can relieve some of the causes of your low energy. Mindfulness has become a popular way to cope with stress on a daily basis. For example, taking just a few minutes each morning to observe your surroundings and the sensations in your body can be a mindfulness practice. This can be done during your morning shower or before you even get out of bed.

3. Get Your Heart Pumping
Exercising in the morning has many health benefits, and increasing your energy is one of them. Working out in the morning gets oxygen flowing to your heart and lungs, which can give you a natural rush of vitality. Unlike the effects of caffeine, the impact of exercise can be felt throughout the day and there's no 3pm caffeine crash. Plus, incorporating a morning workout could have longterm mental and physical benefits. So, instead of reaching for an extra cup of coffee in the morning, get your heart pumping with light cardiovascular exercise. Even 10 to 15 minutes of moderate activity can give you the boost you need.

4. Eat a Nutritious Breakfast
It turns out that your parents were right about eating a well-rounded breakfast. Feeding your body healthy, vitamin-rich foods in the morning provides you with calories to burn throughout the day. Without more caloric energy to burn, you might not need that mid-day snack. To get the most out of your breakfast boost, eat foods rich in whole grains and protein. These foods can provide essential nutrients that keep you satiated and vibrant throughout the morning and afternoon. Additional benefits of eating a healthy, hearty breakfast can include increased brainpower at work.

5. Drink More Water
The phrase "stay hydrated" is more than just popular advice. Drinking your recommended daily serving of water can change your health for the better. However, what's important about drinking water first thing in the morning? Dehydration is one of the biggest causes of feeling lethargic, so rehydrating when you wake up replenishes your energy levels immediately. One 12 ounce glass of water first thing in the morning can also stimulate your metabolism, increase mental agility and help stave off illness. Drinking more water in the morning is one of the simplest, healthiest things you can add to your morning routine to jump start your day.

Staying Healthy and Energized
Ditch caffeine and sugary breakfasts. Opt for healthy ways to increase your daily vitality and alertness. Superfruit supplements, mindfulness practices, regular exercise, nutritious eating habits and staying hydrated are some of the best natural solutions to feeling fatigued. All of these suggestions have your health in mind, because staying energized is about staying healthy.
December 8, 2019 01:17 AM