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Aluminium Bronze valve manufacturer in India

Speciality valve is leading Aluminium Bronze valve manufacturer in India. Many Monel, duplex, and superduplex grade valves are replaced by Aluminium Bronze Valves. These are mostly employed in applications involving sea water, salt water, brackish water, and highly corrosive environments. In comparison to other higher alloys, the valves are less expensive. Different aluminium bronze grades are available in larger diameter valves. The gate valves made of aluminium bronze are operated by a gate. The valve stem is attached to the gate, which opens and closes the valve. The valve stem has a handle that allows it to be moved up and down, and the gate opens and closes the valve.
Aluminium bronze butterfly valves are a type of gate valve that has a butterfly-shaped gate. The handle, stem, and disc of the valves are all united to a central axis, giving it the appearance of a butterfly. Butterfly valves can regulate flow in both directions and are two-way valves. Unidirectional valves, such as check valves, are also available. According to the standard standards, the aluminium bronze plug valves are available in a variety of sizes and pressure ratings. The plug valves have a plug inside the valve body that is moved in and out of the plug sitting by a handle.

Types of Aluminium Bronze valve:
• Aluminium Bronze Ball valve
• Aluminium Bronze Globe valve
• Aluminium Bronze Butterfly valve
• Aluminium Bronze Check valve
• Aluminium Bronze Plug valve
Advantages of Aluminium Bronze valve:
• High Cv ratings
• Less parts exposed to line media
• Higher reliability
• Has a track record of long service life

Aluminium Bronze valve used in many industries like:
• Brackish Water treatment plants
• Mining industry
• Chemical industry
• Seawater treatment
• Oil & Gas industry

Body Material: Aluminium bronze (CA104, CA95900)
Class: 150-2500
Size: ½” to 4”
Pressure: PN10 to PN450
Ends: Butt weld, Socket weld, Flanged, Threaded, Wafer, Lug
Operation: Gear, Lever, Handwheel, Pneumatic actuated, Electric actuated

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June 30, 2022 07:27 AM