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Announcement of self-exile of NicolasCalifornia

Last night I saw the most harrowing thing and today I have been like a man dashed upon the sea-wall. I was walking thither to Sam at the 7-11 at around midnight (ring donut and any size coffee 2$), when a dog began barking fiendishly from some house upon the path. I felt something tell me "if you do not turn back you will witness something terrible". I pushed on, then it began to sprinkle lightly. I was nearly out of my neighborhood when about fifty feet afront me I saw the characteristic movements of raccoons. Seeing me they froze, as did I, and then a car began to mount toward us. The raccoon first out sped midway upon the three-lane road, then seeing the headlights, turned back to the second who was waiting in some shrubs. Once the car sped by, the first raccoon again sallied out. The road is three lanes, an island of about ten feet, then another three lanes. I remained frozen, there was nothing else to do, I just had to watch...so soon as the first raccoon landed upon the island and began lurching across it the second raccoon sallied forth with all speed in that particular raccoon slinking sort of way. When just as the second began the dash, I hear from behind me a car beginning their race toward us.
There was nothing I could do, then it seemed angels turned reality into slow-motion, the first raccoon landed upon the little hillside beyond the second three lanes and turned round to espy the second, who was just lurching across the island...then the slow-motion got so distinct that it were as if I were watching an oil painting smudging itself across my visage, I didn't even move one muscle to discern the car, for its noise was hurtling toward us, and as its noise went crashing by the raccoon just sort of went absolutely and directly without so much as flinching beneath the rear tire and that was that.
It just made a hollow sort of poof. The car was a large white one and it just barely let off the acceleration pedal then just sped on. The first raccoon stared blankly at me across the lanes and island, and I just trudged on dispirited.
So I'm taking some time away in a self-exile.
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March 14, 2019 01:28 AM
From: Southern Coastal California
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March 14, 2019 05:05 AM
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March 14, 2019 10:13 AM