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Brouwer track frame info anyone?

Hi all,
a month or two ago, a friend asked me if I would be interested in a bike frame and wheels that were taking too much space in his garage.
I took the bike home, it was covered in dust and grease.
Cleaned it up nicely and found some nice surprises under the dirt, shame that the frame is too big for me too ride it!
Rims were badly buckled, spokes very rusty. Hubs are nearly perfect: Campagnolo Record Pista, lock ring missing, unbranded cog.
The frame has come out really beautiful in spite of damaged decals, various scratches and spots of rust.
It is a track frame, Columbus steel, it is marked under the BB shell as a 57 size and there's a date too I think: 10/82.
Frame drop outs are Shimano Dura Ace UFP-10 and UFP-9.
Headset is Hatta Swan Super Deluxe.
I tried to research about the frame builder but can't find any information at all apart from the country of origin: Netherland.
Can anybody help?
Posting an image of the frame here as reference.

Thanks, R.
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October 2, 2018 09:56 AM
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