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Caad 10 question for the part time roadies

Sup doods,

I've heard a lot of love on these forums for Caad's and was hoping ya'll could help me out with some questions regarding. I've been offered a Caad 10 in a trade and was curious what you thought it would be worth and if it was a good option for someone new to "pure" road biking. Last road bike that I road regularly was in college and had friction shifting, so new road bikes are completely new to me. Bike would basically become my full-time spandex bike for long/group/exercise/etc. rides. Currently my fixed gear has been pulling double duty.

It's a Caad 10 frame with a 105 groupset. Frame & groupset were purchased separately, 105 groupset came with an FSA crank (is that weird?) and the groupset has 50 miles on it. Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheelset. 3t stem/carbon bars/miche supertype post

So what do you guys think of the bike as a first true road bike. I've heard good things of newer 105 and have no set preference, smart choice for a beginner. I have no idea if the crankset is an upgrade vs stock Caad stuff, same with the wheelset. I like compact drops but never considered carbon worth the price, will i notice a difference? Finally what do you think it's worth? I see Caad 10's going for $800-$1200 on CL in SF, where on that spectrum do you think this would fall?

Thanks for any info/advice/tips that ya'll can provide. Trying to make a smart informed decision because I could use the cash but I don't want to pass up a good trade possibility.
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May 11, 2015 12:15 AM
From: Bizzzerkeley, CA
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A CAAD10 is a GREAT bike all around, whether its for beginners or even full time racers. I was able to get my CAAD 10 for 900 as a complete bike and so I thought that was a good deal. I dont want to bored you with a long answer but overall, its a great bike and if you had to commit to a road bike that you would use for long time and thousands of miles, this would be the one!
May 11, 2015 01:31 AM
This is an opportunity for you to find a new type of cycling you enjoy! Building up a road bike was super worth it for me, I love road cycling because of it, and haven't lost any interest in riding fixed, it's a totally different experience.

105 is a fantastic groupset, IMO the best bang for your buck road group on the market. I think modern shifting is miles more fun to ride with than friction shifting, less to think about = more brain power to spend on enjoying the ride and performing well on rides. It's not at all unusual for shimano or sram groups to come with fsa cranks, brakes, etc especially oem, but you may be able to get them aftermarket, but if not it's not a problem anyway, they're comletely compatible and fsa makes great road cranks. I've never ridden a caad but I hear great things. Overall this is a super rad road bike to start with.

Could fall anywhere in that spectrum, there's no kbb for bikes. Personally I'd pay probably $800-$900ish for it.

Trading for the Low? Ask if they'll do the trade plus some cash.
May 11, 2015 04:35 AM
From: Chicago, IL, United States
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crank were likely stock. most of the cannonades come with fsa cranks because shimano doesn't make a bb/pf30 crank, and cannondale invented the 30mm standard so they won't compromise. also the FSA allows them to bring prices down. its not a bad crank, just heavy. it looks like this bike was pieced together (besides the cranks). it has an older paint scheme but newer parts. definitely looks like a nice bike. if the frame is in good shape, its serviced, and things like chain, brakes, bearings, and tires are in good condition, its probably worth up toward 1200, depending on where you're selling and who's buying. if its a trade, and you think that sounds fair than go for it! i love my caad and they don't have a cult-like following for nothing.
May 11, 2015 06:36 AM
From: San Diego, CA
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I would pay 900-1000 roughly, probably worth a little bit more. Great starter road bike. 5800 group is awesome, I have two sets.

What is the proposed trade?
May 11, 2015 10:21 PM
From: SF Bay Area, CA
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first off, thanks for all of the info and tips guys. It sounds like it'd be a great bike and I am pretty interested in it. Even if it doesn't work out a Caad might be in my future.

Trade wise: He offered the above Caad (no saddle/pedals) for my Low// frame + extras (as pictured in my account + bars and saddle). I asked for a little cash on top and he said he didn't want to go that far. Completely understandable.

the search for a local buyer continues. I'd be great if someone local would just give me cash so I could buy whatever I want. One of these days.

disclaimer: I'm lazy and dont want to deal with shipping, especially involving trades
May 12, 2015 05:14 AM
From: Bizzzerkeley, CA
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If you sell your LOW// I have a pretty much brand new 2015 CAAD10 56cm frameset for 600 dollars. I'll be back in the Bay Area after the school year ends in June :)
May 20, 2015 07:17 PM
From: SF Bay Area, CA
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