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Does this game still exist?
I recall my father was playing it before going to bed. Though, I haven't heard about if for long time!
Do you guys still play it?
November 26, 2020 06:06 PM
From: Texas Dallas
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November 26, 2020 06:13 PM
Yes, it is available in electronic form
November 26, 2020 09:35 PM
From: Victoria Blackburn South
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Yes, I remember this game! My grandmother used to play it before going to bed. And I've loved this game since I was a kid. I even found an online game of this kind. Only it's more complicated than the crossword puzzle I played with my grandmother. I often play this game in the evenings. I'm constantly looking for help on [url=https://crossword-solver.io/clue/expert... crossword[/url]. I just can't find the answer to any question on my own. Or a synonym for a word. And if the crossword theme is about movies, then I always need the help of crossword experts.
November 26, 2020 09:43 PM
From: Denver
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Where can I find some more feedback?
December 7, 2020 08:24 PM
From: Quebec Baie-D'Urfé
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