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Custom wheel build help

waddddup! I'm currently working on a new wheel build for an old project. I'm starting with a rear 32h single fixed H/F Phil Wood hub and a 28h front H/F Phil Wood hub... I was planning on using carbon clinchers and getting some cool oil slick bladed spokes for the extra flex points(Pillar Mega Lite SS Spokes). I don't want anything too deep, but something different from the rest of my stable. 38mm-50mm deep rims would be ideal and have been leaning towards 38mm. I don't plan on spending more than $400 on hoops so i might just get china carbon..yes i know what that might result in, but I'm still young. YOLO! xD

I also want a unique lacing pattern..

please suggest some ideas. thnx d00dz
February 8, 2018 11:52 AM
From: Chicago
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why would you laced phill wood hubs to Chinese carbon?
February 8, 2018 10:13 PM
From: Manchester, England
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^what a wrong with that?

Your best bet will be China carbon, I would say keep an eye out of old zipp 303 or mavic cosmic rims on eBay. If you are getting China carbon, make sure you get brass washer for the nipples
February 8, 2018 10:39 PM
These are your wheels and it's your money, but if you're using phil hubs (which you should), I don't really see the point in using carbon rims. If its a race bike and weight is your concern I'd say use different hubs, and if its just a street bike, I'd say go alloy rims. Especially on a budget, you could get a super nice set of alloy hoops instead of a mediocre set of carbon ones. But do whatever you want.
February 9, 2018 03:53 AM
From: Portland, OR.
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February 9, 2018 05:23 AM
From: Salem, Oregon
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Get some belgiums. Would take them over china carbon any day, especially for the street.
February 10, 2018 12:04 AM
From: Oakland, CA
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Yeah, I think deep profiled rims are annoying if you're trying to lock one/both of them up. I've never had a single complaint about either TB14 or Archetype's, EVER!
February 10, 2018 11:38 AM
From: Minnesota
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all of those are valid points. Let me clarify myself..
I already have a pair of alloy h plus son sl42/formation face to phils and i got some lower profile velocities. i wanted to try carbon hoops because i like the look. Also i prefer clincher for street so i dont have to worry about going through a tire (i like skidding even if its lame). It is for a street track bike im building and locking up doesn't matter since i usually never leave my bike for longer than 30mins at a time if its not in my sights.
Aesthetics matter most to me at this point because it can still perform well enough for my needs.

but yeh ill keep those belgiums in mind.

Fun Fact: these old Phils used to be laced to Belgiums before i bought them.
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February 11, 2018 03:48 AM
From: Chicago
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that is the bike these wheels will be going on
February 11, 2018 03:49 AM
From: Chicago
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If you're trying to do what that DoctorLarch guy did on here with your bikes, make sure yours doesn't get stolen!
February 11, 2018 07:17 AM
From: Minnesota
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