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eccentric plug valve manufacturer in Mumbai

SpecialityValve is the best leading Eccentric plug valve manufacturer in Mumbai. A type of rotary control valve with a flow-restricting plug-shaped part that rotates in an eccentric path. The plug does not make contact with its seat until it approaches the shutdown position by a few degrees. The seating surfaces dynamically align to achieve shutdown as the plug contacts or "cams" into the seat. This valve is also known as a rotary globe valve.The eccentric plug valve can manage strong fluids. However, plug valves have some of the same advantages as quarter-turn valves, also including modulating service.The unique feature of this valve is offset from valve shaft, resulting in eccentric action.

Advantages of plug valve
• It has a simple design and fewer parts
• It can be quickly open or close.
• This valve offers minimal resistance flow.
• It provides a reliable leak tight service
• They are easy to clean without removing from the body

Industries uses eccentric plug valve
• Refining
• Petrochemicals
• Chemicals industry
• Natural gas
• Fertilizers plant
• Power plant

Available materials: Cast iron, Ductile iron, WCB, WC6, WCC, LCB, LCC, SS304, SS316, CF8, CF8M, Alloy 20
Pressure: PN10 to PN100
Class: 150 to 2500
Size: 2" to 72"
Operation: Handwheel, Gear Operated, Electric and Pneumatic Actuated
Ends: Flanged, Threaded, Socketweld, Buttweld

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